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Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 50 → §50.46a

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Title 10 Part 50 → §50.46a

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Title 10Chapter IPart 50 → §50.46a

Title 10: Energy

§50.46a   Acceptance criteria for reactor coolant system venting systems.

Each nuclear power reactor must be provided with high point vents for the reactor coolant system, for the reactor vessel head, and for other systems required to maintain adequate core cooling if the accumulation of noncondensible gases would cause the loss of function of these systems. High point vents are not required for the tubes in U-tube steam generators. Acceptable venting systems must meet the following criteria:

(a) The high point vents must be remotely operated from the control room.

(b) The design of the vents and associated controls, instruments and power sources must conform to appendix A and appendix B of this part.

(c) The vent system must be designed to ensure that:

(1) The vents will perform their safety functions; and

(2) There would not be inadvertent or irreversible actuation of a vent.

[68 FR 54142, Sept. 16, 2003]