Title 10


Title 10 - Energy--Volume 1

10:1  Energy--Volume 1
      PARTS 1 - 50
10:      Inspector General [SUBJGRP]
10:      Panels, Boards, and Committees [SUBJGRP]
10:      Commission Staff [SUBJGRP]
10:      Chief Financial Officer [SUBJGRP]
10:      Executive Director for Operations [SUBJGRP]
10:      Staff Offices [SUBJGRP]
10:      Program Offices [SUBJGRP]
10:      Hearing on Application - How Initiated [SUBJGRP]
10:      Early Partial Decisions on Site Suitability - Construction Permit [SUBJGRP]
10:      Early Partial Decisions on Site Suitability - Combined License Under 10 CFR Part 52 [SUBJGRP]
10:      Phased Applications Involving Limited Work Authorizations [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Discrimination Prohibited [SUBJGRP]
10:      Assurances Required [SUBJGRP]
10:      Compliance Information [SUBJGRP]
10:      Conduct of Investigations [SUBJGRP]
10:      Means of Effecting Compliance [SUBJGRP]
10:      Opportunity for Hearing [SUBJGRP]
10:      Hearings and Findings [SUBJGRP]
10:      Decision and Notice [SUBJGRP]
10:      Judicial Review [SUBJGRP]
10:      Effect on Other Regulations; Forms and Instructions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Discriminatory Practices [SUBJGRP]
10:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      General [SUBJGRP]
10:      Standards for Determining Age Discrimination [SUBJGRP]
10:      Duties of NRC Recipients [SUBJGRP]
10:      Investigation, Conciliation, and Enforcement Procedures [SUBJGRP]
10:      Procedures Applicable to Requests by Individuals for Information, Access or Amendment of Records Maintained About Them [SUBJGRP]
10:      presentation of requests [SUBJGRP]
10:      nrc procedures for processing requests [SUBJGRP]
10:      determinations and appeals [SUBJGRP]
10:      disclosure to others of records about individuals [SUBJGRP]
10:      fees [SUBJGRP]
10:      enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      exemptions [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Requirements for Special Nuclear Material Access Authorization [SUBJGRP]
10:      Criteria for Determining Eligibility for Access to, or Control Over, Special Nuclear Material [SUBJGRP]
10:      Violations [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Notification [SUBJGRP]
10:      Procurement Documents [SUBJGRP]
10:      Inspections, Records [SUBJGRP]
10:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Access Authorizations [SUBJGRP]
10:      Classified Visits [SUBJGRP]
10:      Violations [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Exemptions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      Records, Inspections, Tests, and Reports [SUBJGRP]
10:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      Schedules [SUBJGRP]
10:      Specific Licenses of Broad Scope [SUBJGRP]
10:      Violations [SUBJGRP]
10:      Schedules [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Exemptions [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      License Applications [SUBJGRP]
10:      Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      Transfer of Source Material [SUBJGRP]
10:      Records, Reports, and Inspections [SUBJGRP]
10:      Modification and Revocation of Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      General Provisions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Requirement of License, Exceptions [SUBJGRP]
10:      Classification and Description of Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      Applications for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals; Form; Contents; Ineligibility of Certain Applicants [SUBJGRP]
10:      Standards for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals [SUBJGRP]
10:      Issuance, Limitations, and Conditions of Licenses and Construction Permits [SUBJGRP]
10:      Inspections, Records, Reports, Notifications [SUBJGRP]
10:      US/IAEA Safeguards Agreement [SUBJGRP]
10:      Transfers of Licenses - Creditors' Rights - Surrender of Licenses [SUBJGRP]
10:      Amendment of License or Construction Permit at Request of Holder [SUBJGRP]
10:      Revocation, Suspension, Modification, Amendment of Licenses and Construction Permits, Emergency Operations by the Commission [SUBJGRP]
10:      Backfitting [SUBJGRP]
10:      Enforcement [SUBJGRP]
10:      Additional Standards for Licenses, Certifications, and Regulatory Approvals [SUBJGRP]