Title 10


824.6 Preliminary notice of violation.

§ 824.6 Preliminary notice of violation.

(a) In order to begin a proceeding to impose a civil penalty under this part, the Director shall notify the person by a written preliminary notice of violation sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, of:

(1) The date, facts, and nature of each act or omission constituting the alleged violation;

(2) The particular provision of the regulation, rule or compliance order involved in each alleged violation;

(3) The proposed remedy for each alleged violation, including the amount of any civil penalty proposed; and,

(4) The right of the person to submit a written reply to the Director within 30 calendar days of receipt of such preliminary notice of violation.

(b) A reply to a preliminary notice of violation must contain a statement of all relevant facts pertaining to an alleged violation. The reply must:

(1) State any facts, explanations and arguments which support a denial of the alleged violation;

(2) Demonstrate any extenuating circumstances or other reason why a proposed remedy should not be imposed or should be mitigated;

(3) Discuss the relevant authorities which support the position asserted, including rulings, regulations, interpretations, and previous decisions issued by DOE;

(4) Furnish full and complete answers to any questions set forth in the preliminary notice; and

(5) Include copies of all relevant documents.

(c) If a person fails to submit a written reply within 30 calendar days of receipt of a preliminary notice of violation:

(1) The person relinquishes any right to appeal any matter in the preliminary notice; and

(2) The preliminary notice, including any remedies therein, constitutes a final order.

(d) The Director, at the request of a person notified of an alleged violation, may extend for a reasonable period the time for submitting a reply or a hearing request letter.