Title 10


824.4 Civil penalties.

§ 824.4 Civil penalties.

(a) Any person who violates a classified information protection requirement of any of the following is subject to a civil penalty under this part:

(1) 10 CFR part 1016 - Safeguarding of Restricted Data;

(2) 10 CFR part 1045 - Nuclear Classification and Declassification; or

(3) Any other DOE regulation or rule (including any DOE order or manual enforceable against the contractor or subcontractor under a contractual provision in that contractor's or subcontractor's contract) related to the safeguarding or security of classified information if the regulation or rule provides that violation of its provisions may result in a civil penalty pursuant to subsection a. of section 234B. of the Act.

(b) If, without violating a classified information protection requirement of any regulation or rule under paragraph (a) of this section, a person by an act or omission causes, or creates a risk of, the loss, compromise or unauthorized disclosure of classified information, the Secretary may issue a compliance order to that person requiring the person to take corrective action and notifying the person that violation of the compliance order is subject to a notice of violation and assessment of a civil penalty. If a person wishes to contest the compliance order, the person must file a notice of appeal with the Secretary within 15 days of receipt of the compliance order.

(c) The Director may propose imposition of a civil penalty for violation of a requirement of a regulation or rule under paragraph (a) of this section or a compliance order issued under paragraph (b) of this section, not to exceed $154,806 for each violation.

(d) If any violation is a continuing one, each day of such violation shall constitute a separate violation for the purpose of computing the applicable civil penalty.

(e) The Director may enter into a settlement, with or without conditions, of an enforcement proceeding at any time if the settlement is consistent with the objectives of DOE's classified information protection requirements.

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