Title 10

SECTION 824.10

824.10 Hearing Officer.

§ 824.10 Hearing Officer.

The Hearing Officer:

(a) Is responsible for the administrative preparations for the hearing;

(b) Convenes the hearing as soon as is reasonable;

(c) Administers oaths and affirmations;

(d) Issues subpoenas, at the request of either party or on the Hearing Officer's motion;

(e) Rules on offers of proof and receives relevant evidence;

(f) Takes depositions or has depositions taken when the ends of justice would be served;

(g) Conducts the hearing in a manner which is fair and impartial;

(h) Holds conferences for the settlement or simplification of the issues by consent of the parties;

(i) Disposes of procedural requests or similar matters;

(j) Requires production of documents; and

(k) Makes an initial decision under § 824.13.