Title 10

SECTION 611.108

611.108 Perfection of liens and preservation of collateral.

§ 611.108 Perfection of liens and preservation of collateral.

(a) The Agreement and other documents related thereto shall provide that:

(1) DOE and the Applicant, in conjunction with the Federal Financing Bank if necessary, will take those actions necessary to perfect and maintain liens, as applicable, on assets which are pledged as collateral for the loan; and

(2) Upon default by the Borrower, the holder of pledged collateral shall take such actions as DOE may reasonably require to provide for the care, preservation, protection, and maintenance of such collateral so as to enable the United States to achieve maximum recovery from the pledged assets. DOE shall reimburse the holder of collateral for reasonable and appropriate expenses incurred in taking actions required by DOE.

(b) In the event of a default, DOE may enter into such contracts as the Secretary determines are required to preserve the collateral. The cost of such contracts may be charged to the Borrower.