Title 38 Part 11 → §11.110

Title 38 → Chapter I → Part 11 → §11.110

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Title 38 Part 11 → §11.110

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Title 38Chapter IPart 11 → §11.110

Title 38: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief

§11.110   Who may make application for final settlement.

A mentally competent veteran to whom an adjusted service certificate has been issued.

(a) A legally appointed guardian of an incompetent veteran. An application submitted by a legally appointed guardian must be accompanied by letters of guardianship showing the fiduciary relationship, provided such papers are not already on file in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

(b) A representative of a physically incapacitated veteran. Where application is made by a representative of a physically incapacitated veteran, the representative must attach a statement describing the veteran's incapacity. The correctness of such statement must be certified by an officer as designated in §11.114.

(c) A superintendent or other bonded officer designated by the Secretary of the Interior to receive funds under the provision of Pub. L. No. 373, 72d Congress, may make application for an incompetent adult or minor Indian who is a recognized ward of the Government. The application must be accompanied by a certification from the superintendent or other bonded officer showing: (1) That the said beneficiary is a ward of the Government; (2) that no guardian or other fiduciary has been appointed; (3) that the officer making application has been designated by the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with Pub. L. No. 373, 72d Congress; (4) that he is properly bonded; and (5) that he will receive, handle, and account for such benefits in accordance with existing law and regulations of the Department of Interior.

(d) A manager of a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, or a manager or superintendent of a contract hospital or State institution where the veteran is a patient may make application as custodian for the veteran. Such application must be made with the approval of the regional chief attorney.

[19 FR 5087, Aug. 12, 1954]