Title 38


Title 38 - Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief--Volume 1

38:1  Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief--Volume 1
      PARTS 0 - 17
38:      Department of Veterans Affairs Official Seal and Distinguishing Flag [SUBJGRP]
38:      The United States Flag for Burial Purposes [SUBJGRP]
38:      Quarters for Department of Veterans Affairs Employees Overseas [SUBJGRP]
38:      Program Evaluation [SUBJGRP]
38:      Referrals of Information Regarding Criminal Violations [SUBJGRP]
38:      Security and Law Enforcement at Department of Veterans Affairs Facilities [SUBJGRP]
38:      Parking Fees at VA Medical Facilities [SUBJGRP]
38:      Release of Information From Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Records Relating to Drug Abuse, Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse, Infection With the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), or Sickle Cell Anemia [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disclosures With Patient's Consent [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disclosures Without Patient Consent [SUBJGRP]
38:      Court Orders Authorizing Disclosures and Use [SUBJGRP]
38:      Release of Information From Department of Veterans Affairs Claimant Records [SUBJGRP]
38:      Procedures for Disclosure of Records Under the Freedom of Information Act [SUBJGRP]
38:      Safeguarding Personal Information in Department of Veterans Affairs Records [SUBJGRP]
38:      Inventions by Employees of Department of Veterans Affairs [SUBJGRP]
38:      Expanded Remote Access to Computerized Veterans Claims Records by Accredited Representatives [SUBJGRP]
38:      Inventions by Employees of Department of Veterans Affairs [SUBJGRP]
38:      Administrative Control of Funds [SUBJGRP]
38:      Use of Official Mail in the Location and Recovery of Missing Children [SUBJGRP]
38:      Homeless Claimants [SUBJGRP]
38:      Part-Time Career Employment Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Standards for Collection, Compromise, Suspension or Termination of Collection Effort, and Referral of Civil Claims for Money or Property [SUBJGRP]
38:      Standards for Collection of Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Standards for Compromise of Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Standards for Suspending or Terminating Collection Action [SUBJGRP]
38:      Referrals to GAO, Department of Justice, or IRS [SUBJGRP]
38:      Salary Offset Provisions [SUBJGRP]
38:      Procedures for Financial Institutions Regarding Garnishment of Benefit Payments After Disbursement [SUBJGRP]
38:      General [SUBJGRP]
38:      General [SUBJGRP]
38:      Relationship [SUBJGRP]
38:      Administrative [SUBJGRP]
38:      Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Evidence Requirements [SUBJGRP]
38:      Dependency, Income and Estate [SUBJGRP]
38:      Regulations Applicable to Programs in Effect Prior to January 1, 1979 [SUBJGRP]
38:      Regulations Applicable to the Improved Pension Program Which Became Effective January 1, 1979 [SUBJGRP]
38:      Ratings and Evaluations; Basic Entitlement Considerations [SUBJGRP]
38:      Ratings and Evaluations; Service Connection [SUBJGRP]
38:      Ratings for Special Purposes [SUBJGRP]
38:      Rating Considerations Relative to Specific Diseases [SUBJGRP]
38:      Effective Dates [SUBJGRP]
38:      Apportionments [SUBJGRP]
38:      Reductions and Discontinuances [SUBJGRP]
38:      Hospitalization Adjustments [SUBJGRP]
38:      Adjustments and Resumptions [SUBJGRP]
38:      Concurrent Benefits and Elections [SUBJGRP]
38:      Retirement [SUBJGRP]
38:      Special Benefits [SUBJGRP]
38:      Forfeiture [SUBJGRP]
38:      Protection [SUBJGRP]
38:      Accrued [SUBJGRP]
38:      Burial Benefits: General [SUBJGRP]
38:      Burial Benefits: Allowances & Expenses Paid by VA [SUBJGRP]
38:      Burial Benefits: Other [SUBJGRP]
38:      General [SUBJGRP]
38:      Revisions [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Musculoskeletal System [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Organs of Special Sense [SUBJGRP]
38:      Impairment of Auditory Acuity [SUBJGRP]
38:      Infectious Diseases, Immune Disorders and Nutritional Deficiencies [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Respiratory System [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Cardiovascular System [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Digestive System [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Genitourinary System [SUBJGRP]
38:      Gynecological Conditions and Disorders of the Breast [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Skin [SUBJGRP]
38:      The Endocrine System [SUBJGRP]
38:      Neurological Conditions and Convulsive Disorders [SUBJGRP]
38:      Mental Disorders [SUBJGRP]
38:      Dental and Oral Conditions [SUBJGRP]
38:      Age [SUBJGRP]
38:      Premiums [SUBJGRP]
38:      Policies [SUBJGRP]
38:      Beneficiary of United States Government Life Insurance [SUBJGRP]
38:      Optional Settlement [SUBJGRP]
38:      Dividends [SUBJGRP]
38:      Loans [SUBJGRP]
38:      Cash Value [SUBJGRP]
38:      Indebtedness [SUBJGRP]
38:      Total Permanent Disability Benefits [SUBJGRP]
38:      Death Benefits [SUBJGRP]
38:      Determination of Liability Under Sections 302 and 313, World War Veterans' Act, 1924, Sections 607 and 602 (v)(2), National Service Life Insurance Act, 1940, as Amended, and Sections 1921 and 1957 of Title 38 United States Code [SUBJGRP]
38:      Appeals [SUBJGRP]
38:      Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act Amendments of 1942 [SUBJGRP]
38:      Applications [SUBJGRP]
38:      Effective Date [SUBJGRP]
38:      Premiums [SUBJGRP]
38:      Calculation of Time Period [SUBJGRP]
38:      Reinstatement [SUBJGRP]
38:      Dividends [SUBJGRP]
38:      Cash Value and Policy Loan [SUBJGRP]
38:      Extended Term and Paid-Up Insurance [SUBJGRP]
38:      Change in Plan [SUBJGRP]
38:      Premium Waivers and Total Disability [SUBJGRP]
38:      Beneficiaries [SUBJGRP]
38:      Proof of Death, Age, or Relationship [SUBJGRP]
38:      Age [SUBJGRP]
38:      Examinations [SUBJGRP]
38:      Optional Settlements [SUBJGRP]
38:      Renewal of Term Insurance [SUBJGRP]
38:      Settlement of Insurance Maturing on or After August 1, 1946 [SUBJGRP]
38:      National Service Life Insurance Policy [SUBJGRP]
38:      Appeals [SUBJGRP]
38:      Adjusted Compensation; General [SUBJGRP]
38:      Payments [SUBJGRP]
38:      Loans by Banks on Adjusted Service Certificates Under Section 502 of the World War Adjusted Compensation Act [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disposition of Notes Secured by Adjusted Certificates Redeemed from Banks by the Department of Veterans Affairs Under Section 502 of the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, as Amended (Pub. L. 120, 68th Cong.) [SUBJGRP]
38:      Department of Veterans Affairs Loans on Adjusted Service Certificates Under Section 502 of the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, as Amended [SUBJGRP]
38:      Application for Payment of Adjusted Service Certificate Under the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act, 1936 (Pub. L. 425, 74th Cong.) [SUBJGRP]
38:      Application for Payment of Adjusted Service Certificate Under the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, as Amended (Pub. L. 120, 68th Cong.) [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disposition of Veteran's Personal Funds and Effects on Facility Upon Death, or Discharge, or Unauthorized Absence, and of Funds and Effects Found on Facility [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disposition of Personal Funds and Effects Left Upon Premises of the Department of Veterans Affairs By Non-Veteran Patients, Employees and Other Persons, Known or Unknown [SUBJGRP]
38:      Under Pub. L. 382, 77th Congress, December 26, 1941, Amending the Act of June 25, 1910 (24 U.S.C. 136) [SUBJGRP]
38:      Operation of Lost and Found Service [SUBJGRP]
38:      Litigation (Other Than Under the Federal Tort Claims Act); Indemnification [SUBJGRP]
38:      Prosecution [SUBJGRP]
38:      Federal Tort Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Administrative Settlement of Tort Claims Arising in Foreign Countries [SUBJGRP]
38:      Claims for Damage to or Loss of Government Property [SUBJGRP]
38:      Claims for Cost of Medical Care and Services [SUBJGRP]
38:      Representation of Department of Veterans Affairs Claimants; Recognition of Organizations, Accredited Representatives, Attorneys, Agents; Rules of Practice and Information Concerning Fees, 38 U.S.C. 5901-5905 [SUBJGRP]
38:      Personnel Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Commitments - Fiduciaries [SUBJGRP]
38:      Testimony of Department Personnel and Production of Department Records in Legal Proceedings [SUBJGRP]
38:      Definitions and Active Duty [SUBJGRP]
38:      Protection of Patient Rights [SUBJGRP]
38:      Tentative Eligibility Determinations [SUBJGRP]
38:      Hospital or Nursing Home Care and Medical Services in Foreign Countries [SUBJGRP]
38:      Enrollment Provisions and Medical Benefits Package [SUBJGRP]
38:      Examinations and Observation and Examination [SUBJGRP]
38:      Hospital, Domiciliary and Nursing Home Care [SUBJGRP]
38:      Use of Department of Defense, Public Health Service or Other Federal Hospitals [SUBJGRP]
38:      Use of Public or Private Hospitals [SUBJGRP]
38:      Use of Community Nursing Home Care Facilities [SUBJGRP]
38:      Community Residential Care [SUBJGRP]
38:      Use of Services of Other Federal Agencies [SUBJGRP]
38:      Research-Related Injuries [SUBJGRP]
38:      Care During Certain Disasters and Emergencies [SUBJGRP]
38:      Vocational Training and Health-Care Eligibility Protection for Pension Recipients [SUBJGRP]
38:      Outpatient Treatment [SUBJGRP]
38:      Charges, Waivers, and Collections [SUBJGRP]
38:      Disciplinary Control of Beneficiaries Receiving Hospital, Domiciliary or Nursing Home Care [SUBJGRP]
38:      Copayments [SUBJGRP]
38:      Ceremonies [SUBJGRP]
38:      Reimbursement for Loss By Natural Disaster of Personal Effects of Hospitalized or Nursing Home Patients [SUBJGRP]
38:      Reimbursement to Employees for the Cost of Repairing or Replacing Certain Personal Property Damaged or Destroyed by Patients or Members [SUBJGRP]
38:      Payment and Reimbursement of the Expenses of Medical Services Not Previously Authorized [SUBJGRP]
38:      Reconsideration of Denied Claims [SUBJGRP]
38:      Delegation of Authority [SUBJGRP]
38:      Prosthetic, Sensory, and Rehabilitative Aids [SUBJGRP]
38:      Automotive Equipment and Driver Training [SUBJGRP]
38:      Dental Services [SUBJGRP]
38:      Autopsies [SUBJGRP]
38:      Veterans Canteen Service [SUBJGRP]
38:      Sharing of Medical Facilities, Equipment, and Information [SUBJGRP]
38:      Grants for Exchange of Information [SUBJGRP]
38:      Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) - Medical Care for Survivors and Dependents of Certain Veterans [SUBJGRP]
38:      In Vitro Fertilization and Reimbursement of Adoption Expenses [SUBJGRP]
38:      Hospital Care and Medical Services for Camp Lejeune Veterans and Families [SUBJGRP]
38:      Hospital Care and Medical Services for Spouses and Families [SUBJGRP]
38:      Authority of Health Care Providers to Practice in VA [SUBJGRP]
38:      Center for Innovation for Care and Payment [SUBJGRP]
38:      Confidentiality of Healthcare Quality Assurance Review Records [SUBJGRP]
38:      Specialty Education Loan Repayment Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      VA Health Professional Scholarship Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Veterans Healing Veterans Medical Access and Scholarship Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Veterans Healing Veterans Medical Access and Scholarship Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Visual Impairment and Orientation and Mobility Professional Scholarship Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Program for Repayment of Educational Loans for Certain VA Psychiatrists [SUBJGRP]
38:      Chaplain Services [SUBJGRP]
38:      Grants for Transportation of Veterans in Highly Rural Areas [SUBJGRP]
38:      Transitional Housing Loan Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Health Care Benefits for Certain Children of Vietnam Veterans and Veterans with Covered Service in Korea - Spina Bifida and Covered Birth Defects [SUBJGRP]
38:      Payment or Reimbursement for Emergency Services for Nonservice-Connected Conditions in Non-VA Facilities [SUBJGRP]
38:      Expanded Access to Non-VA Care Through the Veterans Choice Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Vet Centers [SUBJGRP]
38:      Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Prosthetic and Rehabilitative Items and Services [SUBJGRP]
38:      Veterans Community Care Program [SUBJGRP]
38:      Veterans Care Agreements [SUBJGRP]