Title 22 Part 1471 → §1471.5

Title 22 → Chapter XIV → Subchapter D → Part 1471 → §1471.5

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Title 22 Part 1471 → §1471.5

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Title 22Chapter XIVSubchapter DPart 1471 → §1471.5

Title 22: Foreign Relations

§1471.5   Investigation of request; Panel recommendation and assistance.

Upon receipt of a request for consideration of an impasse, the Panel or its designee will promptly conduct an investigation. After due consideration, the Panel shall either:

(a) Decline to assert jurisdiction in the event that it finds that no impasse exists or that there is other good cause for not asserting jurisdiction, in whole or in part, and so advise the parties in writing, stating its reasons; or

(b) Recommend to the parties procedures, including but not limited to arbitration, for the resolution of the impasse and/or assist them in resolving the impasse through whatever methods and procedures the Panel considers appropriate.