Title 22 Part 1471 → §1471.2

Title 22 → Chapter XIV → Subchapter D → Part 1471 → §1471.2

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Title 22 Part 1471 → §1471.2

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Title 22Chapter XIVSubchapter DPart 1471 → §1471.2

Title 22: Foreign Relations

§1471.2   Content of request.

A request from a party or parties to the Panel for consideration of an impasse must be in writing and include the following information:

(a) Identification of the parties and individuals authorized to act on their behalf;

(b) Statement of issues at impasse and the summary of positions of the initiating party or parties with respect to those issues; and

(c) Number, length, and dates of negotiation sessions held, including the nature and extent of all other voluntary arrangements utilized.