Title 8

SECTION 280.21

280.21 Seizure of aircraft.

§ 280.21 Seizure of aircraft.

Seizure of an aircraft under the authority of section 239 of the Act and § 280.2 will not be made if such aircraft is damaged to an extent that its value is less than the amount of the fine which may be imposed. If seizure of an aircraft for violation of section 239 of the Act is to be made, Form G-297 (Order to Seize Aircraft) and Form G-298 (Public Notice of Seizure) shall be prepared in septuple and the originals furnished to the immigration officer who will effect the seizure. The original of Form G-297, properly endorsed as to date and place of seizure, shall be returned for retention in the relating file after seizure is effected. The original of Form G-298 shall be placed on the seized aircraft and a copy retained in the file. Copies of both forms shall be served upon the owner of the aircraft and the pilot if other than the owner. Copies shall also be furnished the district director of customs and the United States Attorney for the district in which the seizure was made. In addition, immediately upon the seizure of an aircraft, or prior thereto, if circumstances permit, a full report of the facts in the case shall be submitted by the district director to the United States Attorney for the district in which the seizure was made, together with copies of Form G-296 (Report of Violation) and Form I-79 (Notice of Intention to Fine). The report shall include the cost incurred in seizing and guarding the aircraft and an estimate of the further additional cost likely to be incurred.

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