Title 8


264.6 Application for a nonimmigrant arrival-departure record.

§ 264.6 Application for a nonimmigrant arrival-departure record.

(a) Eligibility. USCIS may issue a new or replacement arrival-departure record to a nonimmigrant who seeks:

(1) To replace a lost or stolen record;

(2) To replace a mutilated record; or

(3) Was not issued an arrival-departure record pursuant to 8 CFR 235.1(h)(1)(i), (iii), (iv), (v), or (vi) when last admitted as a nonimmigrant, and has not since been issued such record but now requires one.

(b) Application. A nonimmigrant may request issuance or replacement of a nonimmigrant arrival-departure record by applying on the form designated by USCIS with the fee prescribed in 8 CFR 106.2 and in accordance with the form instructions.

(c) Processing. A pending application filed under paragraph (a) of this section is temporary evidence of registration. If the application is approved, USCIS will issue an arrival-departure document. There is no appeal from the denial of this application.

[76 FR 53795, Aug. 29, 2011, as amended at 85 FR 46927, Aug. 3, 2020]