Title 8


251.3 Departure manifests and lists for vessels.

§ 251.3 Departure manifests and lists for vessels.

(a) Form I-418, Passenger List-Crew List. The master or agent of every vessel departing from the United States shall submit to the immigration officer at the port from which such vessel is to depart directly to some foreign place or outlying possession of the United States, except when a manifest is not required pursuant to § 251.1(a), a single Form I-418 completed in accordance with the instructions on the form. Submission of a Form I-418 that lacks any required endorsement shall be regarded as lack of compliance with section 251(c) of the Act.

(b) Exception for certain Great Lakes vessels. The required list need not be submitted for Canadian or British crewmembers of Great Lakes vessels described in § 251.1(a)(3).

[62 FR 10387, Mar. 6, 1997]