Title 8

SECTION 245a.33

245a.33 Filing.

§ 245a.33 Filing.

(a) General. An application for Family Unity benefits under section 1504 of the LIFE Act Amendments must be filed on a Form I-817, Application for Family Unity Benefits, with the National Benefit Center. A Form I-817 must be filed with the correct fee required in 8 CFR 106.2 and the required supporting documentation. A separate application with appropriate fee and documentation must be filed for each person claiming eligibility.

(b) Decision. The National Benefit Center Director has sole jurisdiction to adjudicate an application for Family Unity benefits under the LIFE Act Amendments. The Director will provide the applicant with specific reasons for any decision to deny an application. Denial of an application may not be appealed. An applicant who believes that the grounds for denial have been overcome may submit another application with the appropriate fee and documentation.

(c) Referral of denied cases for consideration of issuance of notice to appear. If an application is denied, the case will be referred to the district director with jurisdiction over the alien's place of residence for consideration of whether to issue a notice to appear. After an initial denial, an applicant's case will not be referred for issuance of a notice to appear until 90 days from the date of the initial denial, to allow the alien the opportunity to file a new Form I-817 application in order to attempt to overcome the basis of the denial. However, if the applicant is found not to be eligible for benefits under § 245a.32(a), the Service reserves the right to issue a notice to appear at any time after the initial denial.

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