Title 8


241.3 Detention of aliens during removal period.

§ 241.3 Detention of aliens during removal period.

(a) Assumption of custody. Once the removal period defined in section 241(a)(1) of the Act begins, an alien in the United States will be taken into custody pursuant to the warrant of removal.

(b) Cancellation of bond. Any bond previously posted will be canceled unless it has been breached or is subject to being breached.

(c) Judicial stays. The filing of (or intention to file) a petition or action in a Federal court seeking review of the issuance or execution of an order of removal shall not delay execution of the Warrant of Removal except upon an affirmative order of the court.

(d) Information regarding detainees. Disclosure of information relating to detainees shall be governed by the provisions of 8 CFR 236.3.

[62 FR 10378, Mar. 6, 1997, as amended at 70 FR 673, Jan. 5, 2005]