Title 8


221.1 Admission under bond.

§ 221.1 Admission under bond.

The district director having jurisdiction over the intended place of residence of an alien may accept a bond on behalf of an alien defined in section 101(a)(15)(B) or (F) of the Act prior to the issuance of a visa to the alien or upon receipt of a request directly from a U.S. consular officer or upon presentation by an interested person of a notification from the consular officer requiring such a bond; such a bond also may be accepted by the district director with jurisdiction over the port of entry or preinspection station where inspection of the alien takes place. Upon acceptance of such a bond, the district director shall notify the United States consular officer who requested the bond, giving the date and place of acceptance and amount of the bond. All bonds given as a condition of admission of an alien under section 221(g) of the Act shall be executed on Form I-352. For procedures relating to bond riders, acceptable sureties, cancellation, or breaching of bonds, see § 103.6 of this chapter.

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