Title 8


207.1 Eligibility.

§ 207.1 Eligibility.

(a) Filing. Any alien who believes he or she is a refugee as defined in section 101(a)(42) of the Act, and is included in a refugee group identified in section 207(a) of the Act, may apply for admission to the United States by submitting an application, including biometric information, in accordance with the form instructions, as defined in 8 CFR 1.2.

(b) Firmly resettled. Any applicant (other than an applicant for derivative refugee status under 8 CFR 207.7) who has become firmly resettled in a foreign country is not eligible for refugee status under this chapter I. A refugee is considered to be “firmly resettled” if he or she has been offered resident status, citizenship, or some other type of permanent resettlement by a country other than the United States and has traveled to and entered that country as a consequence of his or her flight from persecution. Any applicant who claims not to be firmly resettled in a foreign country must establish that the conditions of his or her residence in that country are so restrictive as to deny resettlement. In determining whether or not an applicant is firmly resettled in a foreign country, the officer reviewing the matter shall consider the conditions under which other residents of the country live:

(1) Whether permanent or temporary housing is available to the refugee in the foreign country;

(2) Nature of employment available to the refugee in the foreign country; and

(3) Other benefits offered or denied to the refugee by the foreign country which are available to other residents, such as right to property ownership, travel documentation, education, public welfare, and citizenship.

(c) Immediate relatives and special immigrants. Any applicant for refugee status who qualifies as an immediate relative or as a special immigrant shall not be processed as a refugee unless it is in the public interest. The alien shall be advised to obtain an immediate relative or special immigrant visa and shall be provided with the proper petition forms to send to any prospective petitioners. An applicant who may be eligible for classification under sections 203(a) or 203(b) of the Act, and for whom a visa number is now available, shall be advised of such eligibility but is not required to apply.

[76 FR 53782, Aug. 29, 2011]