Title 7

SECTION 982.86

982.86 Effective time, termination or suspension.

§ 982.86 Effective time, termination or suspension.

(a) Effective time. The provisions of this subpart, as well as any amendments to this subpart, shall become effective at such time as the Secretary may declare, and shall continue in force until terminated or suspended in one of the ways specified in this section.

(b) Suspension or termination. (1) The Secretary may, at any time, terminate the provisions of this subpart by giving at least one day's notice by means of a press release or in any other manner which he may determine.

(2) The Secretary shall terminate or suspend the operation of any or all of the provisions of this subpart whenever he finds that such provisions do not tend to effectuate the declared policy of the act.

(3) Referendum. The Board shall recommend to the Secretary during the first half of every 10-year period starting January 1, 1990, that a referendum be conducted to ascertain whether continuance of this subpart is favored by the producers.

(4) The Secretary shall terminate the provisions of this subpart at the end of any marketing year whenever the Secretary finds that such termination is favored by a majority of the producers of hazelnuts who during the preceding marketing year have been engaged in the production for marketing of hazelnuts in the States of Oregon and Washington: Provided, That such majority have during such period produced for market more than 50 percent of the volume of such hazelnuts produced for market within said States; but such termination shall be effected only if announced 30 days or more before the end of the then current marketing year.

(5) The provisions of this subpart shall, in any event, terminate whenever the provisions of the act authorizing them cease to be in effect.

(c) Proceedings after termination. (1) Upon the termination of the provisions of this subpart, the members of the Board then functioning shall continue as joint trustees, for the purpose of liquidating the affairs of the Board, of all funds and property then in the possession or under the control of the Board, including claims for any funds unpaid or property not delivered at the time of such termination. Action by said trusteeship shall require the concurrence of a majority of the said trustees.

(2) Said trustees shall continue in such capacity until discharged by the Secretary; shall, from time to time, account for all receipts and disbursements and deliver all property on hand, together with all books and records of the Board and the joint trustees, to such person as the Secretary may direct; and shall, upon the request of the Secretary, execute such assignments or other instruments necessary or appropriate to vest in such person full title and right to all of the funds, property, and claims vested in the Board or the joint trustees pursuant to this subpart.

(3) Any person to whom funds, property, or claims have been transferred or delivered by the Board or its members, pursuant to this section shall be subject to the same obligations imposed upon the members of the said Board and upon said joint trustees.

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