Title 7

SECTION 982.62

982.62 Accounting.

§ 982.62 Accounting.

(a) Operating reserve. The Board with the approval of the Secretary may establish and maintain an operating monetary reserve in an amount not to exceed approximately one marketing year's operational expenses or such lower limits as the Board with the approval of the Secretary may establish.

(b) Refunds. At the end of a marketing year funds in excess of the marketing year's expenses and reserve requirements shall be refunded to handlers from whom collected and each handler's share of such excess funds shall be the amount of assessments the handler paid in excess of the handler's pro rata share of expenses of the Board. However, excess funds may be maintained and used by the Board until December 1 following the end of any such marketing year: Provided, That the Board shall refund to each handler upon request, or credit to the handler's account with the Board, the handler's share of such excess prior to January 1.

(c) Termination. Upon termination of this subpart any money remaining unexpended in possession of the Board shall be distributed in such manner as the Secretary may direct: Provided, That to the extent practical, such funds shall be returned pro rata to the persons from whom such funds were collected.

[24 FR 6185, Aug. 1, 1959, as amended at 46 FR 26040, May 11, 1981]