Title 7

SECTION 982.61

982.61 Assessments.

§ 982.61 Assessments.

(a) For each marketing year, the Secretary shall fix an assessment rate per pound of hazelnuts handled and withheld, including the creditable weight of ungraded restricted hazelnuts withheld pursuant to § 982.51 and, when subject to regulation pursuant to § 982.45, the inshell equivalent of shelled hazelnuts certified which are produced from other than restricted hazelnuts that will provide sufficient funds to meet the authorized expenses and reserve requirements of the Board. At any time during or after a marketing year when he determines, on the basis of a Board recommendation or other information, that a different rate is necessary, the Secretary may modify the assessment rate and the new rate shall be applicable to all such hazelnuts. Each handler shall pay to the Board on demand, assessments on all such assessable hazelnuts at the rate fixed by the Secretary, less any amounts credited pursuant to § 982.58. The Board shall impose a late payment charge on any handler who fails to pay his assessment within the time prescribed by the Board. In the event the handler thereafter fails to pay the amount outstanding, including the late payment charge, within the prescribed time, the Board shall impose an additional charge in the form of interest on such outstanding amount. The rate of such charges shall be prescribed by the Board, with the approval of the Secretary.

(b) In order to provide funds for the administration of the provisions of this part during the first part of a fiscal period before sufficient operating income is available from assessments on the current year's shipments, the Board may accept the payment of assessments in advance, and may also borrow money for such purpose. Further, payment discounts may be authorized by the Board upon the approval of the Secretary to handlers making such advance assessment payments.

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