Title 7

SECTION 982.52

982.52 Disposition of restricted hazelnuts.

§ 982.52 Disposition of restricted hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts withheld from handling as inshell hazelnuts pursuant to §§ 982.50 and 982.51 may be disposed of as follows:

(a) Shelling. Any handler may dispose of such hazelnuts by shelling them under the direction or supervision of the Board or by delivering them to an authorized sheller. Any person who desires to become an authorized sheller in any marketing year may submit written application during such year to the Board. Such application shall be granted only upon condition that the applicant agrees:

(1) To use such restricted hazelnuts as he may receive for no purpose other than shelling;

(2) To dispose of or deliver such restricted hazelnuts, as inshell hazelnuts, to no one other than another authorized sheller;

(3) To comply fully with all laws and regulations applicable to shelling of hazelnuts; and

(4) To make such reports, certified to the Board and to the Secretary as to their correctness, as the Board may require.

(b) Export. Sales of certified merchantable restricted hazelnuts for shipment to destinations outside the continental United States and such other distribution areas as may be recommended by the Board and established by the Secretary shall be made only by the Board. Any handler desiring to export any part or all of that handler's certified merchantable restricted hazelnuts shall deliver to the Board the certified merchantable restricted hazelnuts to be exported, but the Board shall be obligated to sell in export only such quantities for which it may be able to find satisfactory export outlets. Any hazelnuts so delivered for export which the Board is unable to export shall be returned to the handler delivering them. Sales for export shall be made by the Board only on execution of an agreement to prevent exportation into the area designated in § 982.16. A handler may be permitted to act as an agent of the Board, upon such terms and conditions as the Board may specify, in negotiating export sales, and when so acting shall be entitled to receive a selling commission as authorized by the Board. The proceeds of all export sales, after deducting all expenses actually and necessarily incurred, shall be paid to the handler whose certified merchantable restricted hazelnuts are so sold by the Board.

(c) Other outlets. In addition to the dispositions authorized in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, the Board may designate such other outlets into which such hazelnuts may be disposed which it determines are noncompetitive with normal market outlets for inshell hazelnuts. Such dispositions shall be made under the direction or supervision of the Board.

(d) Restricted credits. During any marketing year, handlers who dispose of a quantity of eligible hazelnuts in restricted outlets in excess of their restricted obligations, may transfer such excess credits to another handler or handlers. Upon a handler's written request to the Board during a marketing year, the Board shall transfer any or all of such excess restricted credits to such other handler or handlers that the handler may designate. The Board, with the approval of the Secretary, shall establish rules and regulations for the transfer of excess restricted credits.

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