Title 7

SECTION 982.50

982.50 Restricted obligation.

§ 982.50 Restricted obligation.

(a) No handler shall handle inshell hazelnuts unless prior to or upon shipment thereof, he: (1) Has withheld from handling a quantity, by weight, of certified merchantable hazelnuts determined by dividing the quantity handled, or to be handled, by the applicable free percentage and multiplying the quotient by the restricted percentage; (2) has withheld from handling an equivalent quantity of creditable ungraded inshell hazelnuts under § 982.51(a); or (3) has under § 982.51(b), declared in lieu of a quantity of certified merchantable hazelnuts, under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, the equivalent quantity, by weight as determined under that section, of shelled hazelnuts certified as meeting the standards in effect for Oregon No. 1 grade for shelled hazelnuts as contained in Oregon Grade Standards for Hazelnut Kernels or such other standards as may be recommended by the Board and established by the Secretary. Any handler who intends to withhold shelled hazelnuts in satisfaction of a restricted obligation must make such declaration to the Board prior to shelling any such hazelnuts. Withholding may be temporarily deferred under the bonding provisions in § 982.54. The quantity of hazelnuts required to be withheld shall be the restricted obligation. Certified merchantable hazelnuts handled in accordance with this subpart shall be deemed to be the handler's quota fixed by the Secretary within the meaning of section 8a(5) of the Act.

(b) Inshell hazelnuts withheld by a handler in satisfaction of his restricted obligation shall not be handled and shall be held by him subject to examination by and accounting control of, the Board until disposed of pursuant to this part.

(c) A handler having certified merchantable hazelnuts which have not been handled at the end of a marketing year may elect to have those hazelnuts bear the restricted and assessment obligations of that year or of the marketing year in which handled. The Board shall establish such procedures as are necessary to facilitate the administration of this option among handlers.

(d) Whenever the restricted percentage for a marketing year is reduced, each handler's restricted obligation shall be reduced to conform with the new restricted percentage. Any handler who, upon such reduction, is withholding restricted hazelnuts in excess of his new restricted obligation may have the excess freed from withholding by complying with such procedures as the Board may require to insure identification of the remaining hazelnuts withheld.

[40 FR 53227, Nov. 17, 1975, as amended at 46 FR 26039, May 11, 1981]