Title 7

SECTION 982.46

982.46 Inspection and certification.

§ 982.46 Inspection and certification.

(a) Before or upon handling any hazelnuts, or before any inshell or shelled hazelnuts are credited (under § 982.50 or § 982.51) in satisfaction of a restricted obligation, each handler shall, at his own expense, cause such hazelnuts to be inspected and certified by the Federal-State Inspection Service as meeting the then effective grade and size regulations or, if inshell or shelled hazelnuts are withheld under § 982.51, the applicable requirements specified in that section. The handler obtaining such inspection of hazelnuts shall cause a copy of the certificate issued by such inspection service applicable to such hazelnuts to be furnished to the Board.

(b) All hazelnuts so inspected and certified shall be identified as prescribed by the Board. Such identification shall be affixed to the hazelnut containers by the handler under direction and supervision of the Board or the Federal-State Inspection Service, and shall not be removed or altered by any person except as directed by the Board.

(c) Whenever the Board determines that the length of time in storage and conditions of storage of any lot of certified merchantable hazelnuts have been or are such as to normally cause deterioration, it may require that such lot of hazelnuts be reinspected at the handler's expense prior to handling.

(d) Whenever quality regulations are in effect pursuant to § 982.45, each handler shall certify that all product to be handled or credited in satisfaction of a restricted obligation meets the quality regulations as prescribed.

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