Title 7

SECTION 982.39

982.39 Duties.

§ 982.39 Duties.

The Board shall have among others the following duties:

(a) To select from among its members such officers and adopt rules or bylaws for the conduct of its meetings as it deems advisable;

(b) To act as intermediary between the Secretary and any handler or grower;

(c) To keep minute books and records which will clearly reflect all of its acts and transactions, and such books and records shall be available for examination by the Secretary at any time;

(d) To furnish to the Secretary such available information as he may request;

(e) To appoint such employees as it deems necessary and determine the salaries, define the duties and fix the bonds of such employees;

(f) To cause the books of the Board to be audited by one or more public accountants approved by the Board at least once for each marketing year and at such other times as the Board deems necessary or as the Secretary may request, and to file with the Secretary reports of all audits made;

(g) To investigate the growing, shipping and marketing conditions with respect to hazelnuts, and assemble data in connection therewith;

(h) To give the Secretary the same notice of the meetings of the Board as is given to its members; and

(i) To furnish to the Secretary a report of the proceedings of each meeting of the Board held for the purpose of making marketing policy recommendations.

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