Title 7

SECTION 982.37

982.37 Procedure.

§ 982.37 Procedure.

(a) Seven members of the Board shall constitute a quorum at an assembled meeting of the Board, and any action of the Board shall require the concurring vote of at least six members. At any assembled meeting, all votes shall be cast in person.

(b) The Board may vote by mail, telephone, telegraph, or other means of communication: Provided, That any votes (except mail votes) so cast shall be confirmed at the next regularly scheduled meeting. When any proposition is submitted for voting by any such method, its adoption shall require 10 concurring votes.

(c) The members of the Board and their alternates shall serve without compensation, but members and alternates acting as members shall be allowed their necessary expenses: Provided, That the Board may request the attendance of one or more alternates not acting as members at any meeting of the Board, and such alternates may be allowed their necessary expenses.

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