Title 7

SECTION 920.60

920.60 Reports.

§ 920.60 Reports.

(a) Each handler shall furnish to the committee, at such times and for such periods as the committee may designate, certified reports covering, to the extent necessary for the committee to perform its functions, each shipment of kiwifruit as follows:

(1) The name of the shipper and the shipping point;

(2) The car or truck license number (or name of the trucker), and identification of the carrier;

(3) The date and time of departure;

(4) The number and type of containers in the shipment;

(5) The quantities shipped, showing separately the variety, size and grade of the fruit;

(6) The destination;

(7) Identification of the inspection certificate or waiver pursuant to which the fruit was handled.

(b) Upon request of the committee, made with the approval of the Secretary, each handler shall furnish to the committee, in such manner and at such times as it may prescribe, such other information as may be necessary to enable the committee to perform its duties under this part.

(c) Each handler shall maintain for at least two succeeding fiscal years, such records of the kiwifruit received and disposed of by such handler as may be necessary to verify the reports submitted to the committee pursuant to this section.

(d) All reports and records submitted by handlers pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be received by, and at all times be in custody of, one or more designated employees of the committee. No such employee shall disclose to any person, other than the Secretary upon request therefor, data or information obtained or extracted from such reports and records which might affect the trade position, financial condition, or business operation of the particular handler from whom received: Provided, That such data and information may be combined, and made available to any person, in the form of general reports in which the identities of the individual handler furnishing the information, is not disclosed but may be revealed to any extent necessary to effect compliance with the provisions of this part and the regulations issued thereunder.