Title 7

SECTION 920.52

920.52 Issuance of regulations.

§ 920.52 Issuance of regulations.

(a) The Secretary shall regulate, in the manner specified in this section, the handling of kiwifruit whenever the Secretary finds, from the recommendations and information submitted by the committee, or from other available information, that such regulations will tend to effectuate the declared policy of the act. Such regulations may:

(1) Limit, during any period or periods, the shipment of any particular grade, size, quality, maturity, or pack, or any combination thereof, of any variety or varieties of kiwifruit grown in the production area;

(2) Limit the shipment of kiwifruit by establishing, in terms of grades, sizes, or both, minimum standards of quality and maturity during any period when season average prices are expected to exceed the parity level;

(3) Fix the size, capacity, weight, dimensions, markings, or pack of the container, or containers, which may be used in the packaging or handling of kiwifruit.

(b) The committee shall be informed immediately of any such regulation issued by the Secretary and the committee shall promptly give notice thereof to handlers.