Title 7

SECTION 920.110

920.110 Exemptions.

§ 920.110 Exemptions.

(a) Waivers. A handler may handle kiwifruit without inspection and certification, as prescribed under § 920.55, if all shipments made under such waivers comply with all regulations in effect, and all the following conditions are met:

(1) The handler requests the Federal-State Inspection Service to provide inspection during its regular working hours at least 4 hours in advance of the time when inspection is needed. The request need not be in writing but it shall be confirmed immediately in writing by the inspection service.

(2) The Federal-State Inspection Service advises the handler that it is not practicable to provide inspection at the time and place designated by the handler. This advice may be verbal but it shall be confirmed in writing by the Federal-State Inspection Service. A confirmed copy thereof shall be forwarded by the inspection service to the office of the Kiwifruit Administrative Committee.

(3) The Federal-State Inspection Service furnishes the handler with the waiver number which shall cover the kiwifruit on which inspection is requested.

(4) When instructed to do so, the handler plainly and conspicuously marks the end of each container with the letter “W” and the waiver number assigned by the Federal-State Inspection Service. The letter “W” and the number shall not be less than one-half inch in height.

(b) Minimum quantities. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, kiwifruit may be handled without regard to the provision of §§ 920.41, 920.52, 920.55 and 920.60 under the following conditions:

(1) Such kiwifruit are for home use and not for resale.

(2) The total weight of such kiwifruit sold to all persons collectively in any one vehicle during any one day does not exceed 200 pounds.

(3) Such kiwifruit are handled by the person who produced them and, the handling takes place: (i) On the premises where grown, (ii) at a packing house, or retail stand (roadside stand, flea market or any other outlet approved by the committee) which is operated by said handler, or (iii) at a Certified Farmers Market.

[50 FR 4856, Feb. 4, 1985, as amended at 53 FR 34035, Sept. 2, 1988]