Title 7

SECTION 900.70

900.70 Applications for interim relief.

§ 900.70 Applications for interim relief.

(a) Filing the application. A person who has filed a petition pursuant to § 900.52 may by separate application filed with the hearing clerk apply to the Secretary for an order postponing the effective date of, or suspending the application of, the marketing order or any provision thereof, or any obligation imposed in connection therewith, pending final determination of the proceeding.

(b) Contents of the application. The application shall contain a statement of the facts upon which the relief is requested, including any facts showing irreparable injury. The application must be signed and sworn to by the petitioner and any facts alleged therein which are not within his personal knowledge shall be supported by affidavits of a person or persons having personal knowledge of such facts or by proper documentary evidence thereof.

(c) Answer to application. Immediately upon receipt of the application, the hearing clerk shall transmit a copy thereof, together with all supporting papers, to the Administrator, who shall, within 20 days, or such other time fixed by the Secretary, after the filing of the application file an answer thereto with the hearing clerk.

(d) Contents of answer. The answer shall contain a statement of the objections, if any, of the Administrator to the application for interim relief, and may be supported by affidavits and documentary evidence.

(e) Transmittal to Secretary. Upon receiving the answer of the Administrator or upon the expiration of the time for filing the answer, the hearing clerk shall transmit to the Secretary for his decision all papers filed in connection with the application.

(f) Hearing and oral argument. The Secretary may, in his discretion, permit oral argument or the taking of testimony in connection with such application. However, unless written request therefor is filed with the hearing clerk prior to the transmittal of the papers to the Secretary, the parties shall be deemed to have waived oral argument and the taking of testimony.

(g) Decision by Secretary. The Secretary may grant or deny the application. Any action taken by the Secretary shall be in the form of an order filed with the hearing clerk and shall contain a brief statement of the reasons for the action taken. The hearing clerk shall cause copies of the order to be served upon the parties.

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