Title 7

SECTION 330.206

330.206 Packaging requirements.

§ 330.206 Packaging requirements.

Shipments in which plant pests, biological control organisms, and associated articles are imported into, moved in interstate commerce, or transited through the United States must meet the general packaging requirements of this section, as well as all specific packaging requirements on the permit itself.

(a) Packaging requiremspents. All shipments must consist of an outer shipping container and at least two packages within the container. Both the container and inner packages must be securely sealed to prevent the dissemination of the enclosed plant pests, biological control organisms, or associated articles.

(1) Outer shipping container. The outer shipping container must be rigid, impenetrable and durable enough to remain closed and structurally intact in the event of dropping, lateral impact with other objects, and other shocks incidental to handling.

(2) Inner packages. The innermost package or packages within the shipping container must contain all of the organisms or articles that will be moved. As a safeguard, the innermost package must be placed within another, larger package. All packages within the shipping container must be constructed or safeguarded so that they will remain sealed and structurally intact throughout transit. The packages must be able to withstand changes in pressure, temperature, and other climatic conditions incidental to shipment.

(b) Packing material. Packing materials may be placed in the inner packages or shipping container for such purposes as cushioning, stabilizing, water absorption or retention, nourishment or substrate for regulated articles, etc. Packing material for importation must be free of plant pests, noxious weeds, biological control organisms not listed on the permit or associated articles, and, as such, must be new, or must have been sterilized or disinfected prior to reuse. Packing material must be suited for the enclosed organism or article, as well as any medium in which the organism or article will be maintained.

(c) Requirements following receipt of the shipment at the point of destination. (1) Packing material, including media and substrates, must be destroyed by incineration, be decontaminated using autoclaving or another approved method, or otherwise be disposed of in a manner specified in the permit itself.

(2) Shipping containers may be reused, provided that the container has not been contaminated with plant pests, noxious weeds, biological control organisms, or associated articles. Shipping containers that have been in contact with or otherwise contaminated with any of these items must be sufficiently sterilized or disinfected prior to reuse, or otherwise disposed of.

(d) Costs. Permittees who fail to meet the requirements of this section may be held responsible for all costs incident to inspection, rerouting, repackaging, subsequent movement, and any treatments.