Title 7

SECTION 330.205

330.205 Hand-carry of plant pests, biological control organisms, and soil.

§ 330.205 Hand-carry of plant pests, biological control organisms, and soil.

Plant pests, biological control organisms, and soil may be hand-carried into the United States only in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(a) Authorization to hand-carry - (1) Application for a permit; specification of “hand-carry” as proposed method of movement. A person must apply for an import permit for the plant pest, biological control organism, or soil, in accordance with § 330.201, and specify hand-carry of the organism or article as the method of proposed movement.

(2) Specification of individual who will hand-carry. The application must also specify the individual or individuals who will hand-carry the plant pest, biological control organism, or soil into the United States. If APHIS authorizes this individual or these individuals to hand-carry, the authorization may not be transferred to nor actions under it performed by individuals other than those identified on the permit application.

(b) Notification of intent to hand-carry. After the permittee has obtained an import permit but no less than 20 days prior to movement, the permittee must provide APHIS through APHIS' online portal for permit applications or by fax with the names of the designated hand carrier, or carriers, assigned to that movement. Additional conditions for hand-carry are available on the APHIS website. 3

3 https://www.aphis.usda.gov/plant_health/permits/organism/downloads/HandCarryPolicy.pdf.

(c) Denial, amendment, or cancellation of authorization to hand-carry. APHIS may deny a request to hand-carry, or amend or cancel any hand-carry authorization at any time, if it deems such action necessary to prevent the introduction or dissemination of plant pests or noxious weeds within the United States.

(d) Appeal of denial, amendment, or cancellation. Any person whose request to hand-carry has been denied, or whose authorization to hand-carry has been amended or canceled, may appeal the decision in writing to APHIS.