Title 7

SECTION 330.110

330.110 Seals.

§ 330.110 Seals.

(a) Use authorized; form. Whenever, in the opinion of the inspector, it is necessary, as a safeguard in order to prevent the dissemination of plant pests into the United States, or interstate, seals may be applied to openings, packages, or articles requiring the security provided by such seals. The words “openings, packages, or articles” shall include any form of container, shelf, bin, compartment, or other opening, package, or article which the inspector may have occasion to seal in lieu of more drastic action or otherwise, as a safeguard against plant pest dissemination. The seals may be automatic metal seals or labels or tags and will be provided by the Plant Protection and Quarantine Programs. When they consist of a label or tag, they will be printed in black ink on yellow paper and read substantially as follows: “Warning! The opening, package, or article to which this seal is affixed is sealed under authority of law. This seal is not to be broken while within the territorial limits of the United States except by, or under instructions of, an inspector.”

(b) Breaking of seals. Seals may be broken: (1) By an inspector; (2) by a Customs officer for Customs purposes, in which case the opening, package, or article will be resealed with Customs seals; (3) by the owner or his agent when the means of conveyance, product, or article has left the territorial limits of the United States; (4) by any person authorized by the inspector or the Deputy Administrator under conditions specified by the inspector or Deputy Administrator. No person shall break seals applied under authority of this section except as provided in this paragraph. The movement into or through the United States, or interstate, of any means of conveyance or product or article on which a seal, applied under this paragraph, has been broken in violation of this paragraph is hereby prohibited, except as authorized by an inspector.

(c) Notice of sealing. When an inspector seals any opening, product or article, he shall explain the purpose of such action to the owner or his representative and shall present him with a written notice of the conditions under which the seal may be broken, if requested to do so.

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