Title 7

SECTION 3200.6

3200.6 Restrictions.

§ 3200.6 Restrictions.

(a) Property in the following Federal Supply Groups are prohibited from transfer.

Ineligible Federal Supply Code Groups

FSC Group Name
10 Weapons.
11 Nuclear ordinance.
13 Ammunition and explosives.
14 Guided missiles.
18 Space vehicles.

(b) The property in the FSC's listed below are discouraged from transfer and not approved on a routine basis. However, Institutions may request items in these FSC groups, but all requests will be referred to the Director, Office of Procurement and Property Management for consideration and approval:

FSC Group Name
15 Aircraft and airframe structural components.
16 Aircraft components and accessories.
17 Aircraft launching, landing and ground handling equipment.
20 Ship and marine equipment.

(c) Excess personal property may be transferred for the purpose of cannibalization, provided the eligible institution submits a supporting statement which clearly indicates that cannibalizing the requested property for secondary use has greater benefit than utilization of the item in its existing form.

(d) Use of the procedures in this part for the purpose of stockpiling of excess personal property for future cannibalization is prohibited. Transfer requests for the purpose of cannibalization will be considered, but are normally subordinate to requests for complete items.

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