Title 7

SECTION 3200.4

3200.4 Procedures.

§ 3200.4 Procedures.

(a) To receive information concerning the availability of Federal excess personal property, an eligible institution's property management officer may contact their regional GSA, Area Utilization Officer. For information on USDA excess personal property, visit the USDA Web site at http://www.nfc.usda.gov/propexcs. USDA excess property will first be screened by USDA agencies through the Departmental Excess Personal Property Coordinator (DEPPC) using the Departmental Property Management Information System.

(b) Excess property selected by screeners of eligible institutions should be inspected whenever possible, or the holding agency should be contacted to verify the condition of the items, because interpretation of condition codes varies among Federal agencies.

(c) If the condition of the item is acceptable, the institution should “freeze” (reserve) items by calling the appropriate GSA office or USDA Departmental Excess Personal Property Coordinator (DEPPC). Since GSA may have several “freezes” on a piece of equipment, it is critical that the paperwork be submitted as soon as possible. Further, while transfers of excess personal property normally will be approved by GSA on a first-come-first-serve basis, consideration will be given to such factors as national defense requirements, emergency needs, preclusion of new procurement, energy conservation, equitable distribution, and retention of title in the Government.

(d) Eligible institutions may submit property requests by mail or fax on a Standard Form 122, “Transfer Order Excess Personal Property”.

(e) The SF-122 should be signed by the eligible institution's property management officer or authorized designee.

(1) The following information should also be provided:

(i) Date prepared.

(ii) GSA/DEPPC address.

(iii) Ordering Agency and address.

(iv) Holding Agency and address.

(v) Name and address of Institution.

(vi) Location of property.

(vii) Shipping instruction (including institution contact person and phone number).

(viii) Complete description of property including original acquisition cost, serial number, condition code, and quantity.

(2) This statement needs to be added following the property description:

“The property requested hereon is certified to be used in support of research, educational, technical, and scientific activities or for related programs. This transfer is requested pursuant to the provisions of Section 923 Pub. L. 104-127 (7 U.S.C. 2206a). Also, in accordance with these provisions USDA authorizes transfer of title of this property to the college/university/institution.”

(f) The SF-122 should be forwarded to USDA for approval and signature by an authorized USDA official. As confirmation of approval, the eligible institution's property management officer will receive a stamped copy of the SF-122. If the request is disapproved, it will be returned to the property management officer of the eligible institution with an appropriate explanation. All USDA approved SF-122's will be forwarded to DEPPC or the appropriate GSA office for final approval.

(g) Once the excess personal property is physically received, the institution is required to immediately return a copy of the SF-122 to USDA indicating receipt of requested items. Cancellations should also be reported to USDA.


USDA shall send an informational copy of all SF-122's transactions to GSA.

[63 FR 57234, Oct. 27, 1998, as amended at 68 FR 75107, Dec. 30, 2003]