Title 7

SECTION 301.92-1

301.92-1 Definitions.

§ 301.92-1 Definitions.

Administrator. The Administrator, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or any person authorized to act for the Administrator.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Associated article. Any article listed in § 301.92-2(c).

Bark chips. Bark fragments broken or shredded from a log or tree.

Certificate. A document, stamp, or imprint by which an inspector or person operating under a compliance agreement affirms that a specified regulated or associated article meets applicable requirements of this subpart and may be moved interstate to any destination.

Compliance agreement. A written agreement between APHIS and a person engaged in growing, processing, handling, or moving regulated or associated articles, wherein the person agrees to comply with this subpart.

Duff. Decaying plant matter that includes leaf litter, green waste, stem material, bark, and any other plant material that, upon visual inspection, does not appear to have completely decomposed.

Firewood. Wood that has been cut, sawn, or chopped into a shape and size commonly used for fuel, or other wood intended for fuel.

Forest stock. All flowers, trees, shrubs, vines, scions, buds, or other plants that are wild-grown, backyard-grown, or naturally occurring.

From. An article is considered to be “from” a specific site or location for the purposes of this subpart if it was grown or propagated in, stored or sold, or distributed from the site or location.

Growing media. Any material in which plant roots are growing or intended for that purpose.

Inspector. Any employee of APHIS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or other person authorized by the Administrator to perform the duties required under this subpart.

Interstate. From any State into or through any other State.

Log. The bole of a tree; trimmed timber that has not been sawn further than to form cants.

Lot. A contiguous block of plants of the same species or cultivar, of the same container size and from the same source, if known.

Lumber. Logs that have been sawn into boards, planks, or structural members such as beams.

Moved (move, movement). Shipped, offered for shipment, received for transportation, transported, carried, or allowed to be moved, shipped, transported, or carried.

Mulch. Bark chips, wood chips, wood shavings, or sawdust, or a mixture thereof, that could be used as a protective or decorative ground cover or as part of a growing media mixture.

Non-host nursery stock. Any taxa of nursery stock not listed in § 301.92-2 as a regulated or associated article.

Nursery. Any location where nursery stock is grown, propagated, stored, or sold, or any location from which nursery stock is distributed. Locations that grow trees for sale without roots (e.g., as Christmas trees) are considered to be nurseries for the purposes of this subpart.

Nursery stock. All plants for planting, including houseplants, propagative material that is grown in a nursery, and tree seedlings for reforestation, except the following: Seeds; turf or sod; bulbs, tubers, corms, or rhizomes; 2 greenhouse grown cactus, succulents, and orchids; aquarium grown aquatic plants; greenhouse, container, or field grown palms; greenhouse, container, or field grown cycads, and tissue culture plants grown in vitro; and plants meeting the definition of forest stock.

2 Bulbs, tubers, corms, or rhizomes are only considered nursery stock (and therefore, regulated under this subpart) if they are of plant taxa listed in § 301.92-2 as regulated articles or associated articles.

Permit. A written authorization issued by APHIS to allow the interstate movement of restricted articles in accordance with part 330 of this chapter.

Person. Any association, company, corporation, firm, individual, joint stock company, partnership, society, or other entity.

Plant Protection and Quarantine. The Plant Protection and Quarantine program of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

Quarantined area. Any State, or any portion of a State, listed in § 301.92-3(a)(3) of this subpart or otherwise designated as a quarantined area in accordance with § 301.92-3(a)(2) of this subpart.

Regulated article. Any article listed in § 301.92-2(b) of this subpart.

Restricted article. Any article listed in § 301.92-2(a) of this subpart.

Regulated establishment. Any nursery regulated by APHIS pursuant to § 301.92-3(b).

Soil. The loose surface material of the earth in which plants grow, in most cases consisting of disintegrated rock with an admixture of organic material.

State. The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, or any State, territory, or possession of the United States.

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