Title 7

SECTION 1487.16

1487.16 Suspension and termination of agreements.

§ 1487.16 Suspension and termination of agreements.

(a) An agreement or subaward may be suspended or terminated in accordance with 2 CFR 200.338 or 200.339. FAS may suspend or terminate an agreement if it determines that:

(1) One of the bases in 2 CFR 200.338 or 200.339 for termination or suspension by FAS has been satisfied; or

(2) The continuation of the assistance provided under the agreement is no longer necessary or desirable.

(b) If an agreement is terminated, the Participant:

(1) Is responsible for using or returning any CCC-provided funds, interest, or program income that have not been disbursed, as agreed to by FAS; and

(2) Must comply with any closeout and post-closeout procedures specified in the agreement and 2 CFR 200.343 and 200.344.