Title 7

SECTION 1484.55

1484.55 Advances.

§ 1484.55 Advances.

(a) Policy. In general, CCC operates the Cooperator program on a reimbursable basis.

(b) Exception. Upon request, CCC may make two types of advance payments to a Cooperator. The first is a revolving fund operating advance provided by CCC only to Cooperators with foreign offices supported with project funds. The second is a special advance payment used to pay an impending large cost item. CCC will provide this type of advance expense payment in lieu of direct payments by CCC to vendors or other third parties. All Cooperators, with or without project fund-supported foreign offices, are eligible to request special advance payments. CCC will not make any special advance payment to a Cooperator where a special advance is outstanding from a prior program year. When approving a request for an advance, CCC may require the Cooperator to carry adequate fidelity bond coverage when the absence of such coverage is considered to create an unacceptable risk to the interests of the Cooperator program. Whether an “unacceptable risk” exists in a particular situation will depend on a number of factors, such as, the Cooperator's history of performance in the Cooperator program, the Cooperator's perceived financial stability and resources, and any other factors presented in the particular situation that may reflect on the Cooperator's responsibility or the riskiness of its activities.

(c) Interest. A Cooperator shall deposit and maintain in an insured account in the United States all funds advanced by CCC. The account shall be interest-bearing, unless the exceptions in 2 CFR part 200 apply. Interest earned by the Cooperator on funds advanced by CCC is not program income. Up to $500 of interest earned per year may be retained by the Cooperator for administrative expenses. Any additional interest earned on Federal advance payments shall be remitted annually to the appropriate entity as required in 2 CFR part 200.

(d) Refunds due CCC. A Cooperator shall fully expend all advances on approved activities within 90 calendar days after the date of disbursement by CCC. By the end of the 90 calendar days, the Cooperator must submit reimbursement claims to offset the advance and submit a check made payable to CCC for any unexpended balance. The Cooperator shall make such payment in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise approved in advance by CCC.