Title 7

SECTION 1484.51

1484.51 Ineligible contribution.

§ 1484.51 Ineligible contribution.

(a) The following are not eligible contribution:

(1) Any portion of salary or compensation of an individual who is the target of a promotional activity;

(2) Any expenditure, including that portion of salary and time spent, related to promoting membership in the Cooperator's organization;

(3) Any land costs other than allowable costs for office space;

(4) The cost of refreshments and related equipment provided to office staff;

(5) The cost of insuring articles owned by private individuals;

(6) The cost of any arrangement that has the effect of reducing the selling price of a U.S. agricultural commodity;

(7) The cost of product development or product modifications;

(8) Slotting fees or similar sales expenditures;

(9) Funds, services, capital goods, or personnel provided by any U.S. Government agency;

(10) The value of any services generated by a Cooperator or third party that involve no expenditure by the Cooperator or third party, e.g., free publicity;

(11) Membership fees in clubs and social organizations; and

(12) Any expenditure for an activity prior to CCC's approval of that activity.

(b) CCC shall determine, at CCC's discretion, whether any cost not expressly listed in this section may be included by the Cooperator as eligible contribution.