Title 7

SECTION 1484.36

1484.36 Property.

§ 1484.36 Property.

(a) A Cooperator shall maintain an inventory of all personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $500 or more that was acquired in furtherance of program activities. The inventory shall list and number each item and include the date of purchase or acquisition, cost of purchase, replacement value, serial number, make, model, and electrical requirements, as applicable.

(b) The Cooperator shall insure all real property and equipment that was acquired, in whole or in part, with project funds at a level minimally equal to the equivalent insurance coverage for property owned by the Cooperator. The Cooperator shall safeguard such property and equipment against theft, damage, and unauthorized use. The Cooperator shall promptly report any loss, theft, or damage of such property and equipment to the insurance company.

(c) Personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $500 or more purchased by the Cooperator, and for which the Cooperator is reimbursed, in whole or in part, with project funds, that is unusable, unserviceable, or no longer needed for project purposes shall be disposed of in one of the following ways. The Cooperator may:

(1) Exchange or sell the property, provided that it applies any exchange allowance, insurance proceeds, or sales proceeds toward the purchase of other property needed in the project;

(2) With CCC approval, transfer the property to other Cooperators for their activities, or to a foreign subrecipient; or

(3) Upon Attaché/Counselor approval, donate the property to a local charity, or convey the property to the Attaché/Counselor, along with an itemized inventory list and any documents of title.

(d) The Cooperator is responsible for reimbursing CCC for the value of any uninsured property at the time of the loss or theft of the property.