Title 7

SECTION 1484.33

1484.33 Financial management.

§ 1484.33 Financial management.

(a) A Cooperator shall implement and maintain a financial management system that conforms to generally accepted accounting principles and complies with the standards in 2 CFR part 200.

(b) A Cooperator shall institute internal controls and provide written guidance to commercial entities participating in its activities to ensure their compliance with this part.

(c) Each Cooperator shall retain all records relating to program activities for three calendar years from the date of submission of the final financial report and permit authorized officials of the U.S. Government to have full and complete access, for such three-year period, to such records.

(d) A Cooperator shall also maintain all documents related to employment of any employees whose salaries are reimbursed in whole or in part with project funds, such as employment applications, contracts, position descriptions, leave records, salary changes, and all records pertaining to contractors, whether such employees or contractors are based in the United States or overseas.

(e) A Cooperator shall also maintain adequate documentation related to the proper disposition of all personal property having a useful life of over one year and an acquisition cost of $500 or more purchased by the Cooperator and for which the Cooperator is reimbursed, in whole or in part, with project funds.

(f) A Cooperator shall maintain its records of expenditures and contribution in a manner that allows it to provide information by program year, country or region, activity number, and cost category (as applicable). Such records shall include copies of:

(1) Receipts for all STRE (actual vendor invoices or restaurant checks, rather than credit card receipts);

(2) Receipts for any other program-related expenditure in excess of a minimum level that CCC shall determine and announce in writing to all Cooperators via a program notice issued on the FAS website. Receipts for all actual meal and incidental expenses (M&IE) reimbursements must be maintained, regardless of the amount;

(3) The exchange rate used to calculate the dollar equivalent of each expenditure made in a foreign currency and the basis for such calculation;

(4) Reimbursement claims;

(5) An itemized list of claims charged to the Cooperator's FMD account;

(6) Documentation, with accompanying English translation, supporting each reimbursement claim, including evidence to support the financial transactions, such as canceled checks, receipted paid bills, contracts, purchase orders, per diem calculations, travel vouchers, and credit memos; and

(7)(i) Each Cooperator must keep records documenting all claimed contribution, to include:

(A) Copies of invoices or receipts for expenses paid by the U.S. industry or State agency and not reimbursed by the Cooperator for the joint activity; or

(B) If invoices are not available, an itemized statement from the U.S. industry or State agency as to what costs it incurred; or

(C) If neither of the foregoing is available, a statement from the U.S. industry or State agency as to what goods and services it provided; or

(D) If none of the foregoing are available, a memo to the files of the Cooperator's estimate of what contribution was made by the U.S. industry or State agency, item by item, and the method used to assign a value to each.

(ii) Documentation supporting contribution must include the date(s), purpose, and location(s) of each activity for which cash or in-kind items were claimed as a contribution; who conducted the activity; the participating groups or individuals; and the method of computing the claimed contribution. Cooperators must retain and make available for compliance reviews and audits documentation related to claimed contribution.

(g) Upon request, a Cooperator shall provide to CCC copies of the documents that support the Cooperator's reimbursement claims. CCC may deny a claim for reimbursement if the claim is not supported by adequate documentation.