Title 7

SECTION 1484.30

1484.30 Approval decision.

§ 1484.30 Approval decision.

CCC will notify each applicant in writing of the final disposition of its application. CCC will send an agreement, an approval letter, and a signature card to each approved applicant. The agreement and the approval letter will outline which activities and budgets are approved and will specify any special terms and conditions applicable to a Cooperator's program, including the required level of Cooperator contribution and program evaluations. An applicant that decides to accept the terms and conditions contained in the agreement and approval letter must so indicate by having its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or designee sign the agreement and approval letter and submit them to CCC. Final agreement shall occur when the agreement and approval letter are signed by both parties. The agreement, the approval letter, and this part shall establish the terms and conditions of a Cooperator agreement between CCC and the approved applicant. CCC will provide each Cooperator with IDs and passwords for the UES, as necessary. Cooperators shall protect these IDs and passwords in accordance with USDA's information technology policies. Cooperators shall immediately notify CCC whenever a person who possesses the ID and password information no longer needs such information or a person who is not authorized gains such information.