Title 7

SECTION 1470.4

1470.4 Allocation and management.

§ 1470.4 Allocation and management.

(a) The Chief will allocate funds to States, and may adjust the weighting of the following allocation factors to provide for equitable geographic distribution and meet enrollment goals, based on the consideration of -

(1) Each State's proportion of eligible land to the total acreage of eligible land in all States;

(2) The extent and magnitude of the conservation needs associated with agricultural production in each State;

(3) The degree to which implementation of the program in the State is, or will be, effective in helping producers address those needs; and

(4) Other considerations determined by the Chief to achieve equitable geographic distribution of program funds.

(b) The Chief will allocate funding to the States to support organic production and transition to organic production based on -

(1) The number of certified and transitioning organic operations within the State; and

(2) The number of acres of certified and transitioning organic production within the State.

(c) Of the funds made available for each of fiscal years 2019 through 2023 to carry out CSP, NRCS will, to the maximum extent practicable, use at least:

(1) Five percent to assist beginning farmers or ranchers; and

(2) Five percent to assist socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers.

(d) NRCS may adjust State allocations or reallocate funds in any fiscal year if a State cannot use their full allocation.

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