Title 7

SECTION 1470.22

1470.22 Conservation stewardship plan.

§ 1470.22 Conservation stewardship plan.

(a) NRCS will use the conservation planning process as outlined in the NRCS “National Planning Procedures Handbook” to encourage participants to address resource concerns in a comprehensive manner.

(b) The conservation stewardship plan will contain a record of the participant's objectives and decisions to meet or exceed stewardship thresholds for identified resource concerns through implementation or adoption of one or more conservation activities. The plan will document the schedule of conservation activities to be implemented, managed, or improved under the conservation stewardship contract.

(c) Supporting documentation for the participant's plan will include -

(1) Identification and inventory of priority resource concerns;

(2) Establishing benchmark data on the condition of existing conservation activities at the time of enrollment;

(3) A plan map delineating the agricultural operation included in the program contract with associated acreage amounts;

(4) For organic producers or producers transitioning to organic production, documentation that supports the participant's transition to or participation in the National Organic Program; and

(5) Other information as determined appropriate by NRCS.