Title 7

SECTION 1469.24

1469.24 Contract modifications and transfers of land.

§ 1469.24 Contract modifications and transfers of land.

(a) Contracts may be modified:

(1) At the request of the participant, if the modification is consistent with the purposes of the conservation security program, or;

(2) As required by the State Conservationist due to changes to the type, size, management, or other aspect of the agricultural operation that would interfere with achieving the purposes of the program.

(b) Participants may request a modification to their contract to change their tier of participation under a conservation stewardship contract once the measures determined necessary by NRCS to meet the next tier level have been established.

(c) Contract transfers are permitted when there is agreement among all parties to the contract and the contract area remains intact.

(1) NRCS must be notified within 60 days of the transfer of interest and the transferee's acceptance of the contract terms and conditions, or the contract will be terminated.

(2) The transferee must be determined by NRCS to be eligible and must assume full responsibility under the contract, including operation and maintenance of those conservation practices and activities already undertaken and to be undertaken as a condition of the contract.