Title 7

SECTION 1469.22

1469.22 Conservation practice operation and maintenance.

§ 1469.22 Conservation practice operation and maintenance.

(a) The contract will incorporate the operation and maintenance of the conservation practice(s) applied under the contract.

(b) The participant must operate and maintain any new conservation practice(s) for which a payment was received to ensure that the new practice or enhancement achieves its intended purpose for the life span of the conservation treatment, as identified in the contract or conservation stewardship plan, as determined by NRCS.

(c) Conservation practices that are installed before the execution of a contract, but are needed in the contract to obtain the intended environmental benefits, must be operated and maintained as specified in the contract whether or not an existing practice payment is made.

(d) NRCS may periodically inspect the conservation practices during the practice lifespan as specified in the contract to ensure that operation and maintenance are being carried out, and that the practice is fulfilling its intended objectives. When NRCS finds that a participant is not operating and maintaining practices installed through the CSP in an appropriate manner, NRCS will initiate contract violation procedures as specified in § 1469.25. If an existing practice is part of a system that meets the quality criteria, but does not technically meet NRCS minimum practice standards, the practice must be modified or updated to meet the standard according the FOTG as specified in § 1469.25(a) of this part.