Title 7

SECTION 1469.20

1469.20 Application for contracts.

§ 1469.20 Application for contracts.

(a) Applications must include:

(1) A completed self-assessment workbook;

(2) Benchmark condition inventory and conservation stewardship plan in accordance with § 1469.7 for the eligible land uses on the entire operation or, if Tier I, for the portion being enrolled;

(3) Any other requirements specified in the sign-up notice;

(4) For Tier I, clear indication of which acres the applicant wishes to enroll in the CSP; and,

(5) A certification that the applicant will agree to meet the relevant contract requirements outlined in the sign-up notice.

(b) Producers who are members of a joint operation, trust, estate, association, partnership or similar organization must file a single application for the joint operation or organization.

(c) Producers can submit only one application per sign-up.

(d) Participants can only have one active contract at any one time.