Title 7

SECTION 1468.7

1468.7 Transfer of land.

§ 1468.7 Transfer of land.

(a) Offers voided. Any transfer of the property prior to recording the easement in the applicable land records or executing the 30-year contract may void the availability of ACEP funding for that transaction, unless the new landowner is determined eligible, the transfer is approved by NRCS, and the new landowner is willing to comply with ACEP requirements.

(b) Payments to participants. For wetland reserve easements with annual installment payments, any remaining easement payments will be made to the original participants unless NRCS receives an assignment of proceeds.

(c) Claims to payments. With respect to any and all payments owed to participants, NRCS will bear no responsibility for any full payments or partial distributions of funds between the original participant and the participant's successor. In the event of a dispute or claim on the distribution of payments, NRCS may withhold payments without the accrual of interest pending an agreement or adjudication on the rights to the funds.