Title 7

SECTION 1468.38

1468.38 Development and revision of the WRPO and associated compatible use authorizations.

§ 1468.38 Development and revision of the WRPO and associated compatible use authorizations.

(a) The WRPO will be developed and updated as determined by NRCS in consultation with the State technical committee and consideration of available site-specific technical input from FWS at the local level and others as appropriate.

(b) The WRPO will specify the manner in which the enrolled land will be restored, protected, enhanced, maintained, managed, and monitored to accomplish the goals of the program. The WRPO, and any revisions thereto, will be developed to ensure that cost-effective restoration and maximization of wildlife benefits and wetland functions and values will result. Specifically, the WRPO will consider and address, to the extent practicable, the onsite alterations and the offsite watershed conditions that adversely impact the hydrology and associated wildlife, water quality, and wetland functions and values.

(c) The WRPO will identify the conservation practices and eligible activities needed to restore the functions and values on the enrolled land. NRCS may review, revise, and supplement the WRPO as needed throughout the duration of the enrollment to ensure that program goals are fully and effectively achieved. Revisions to the WRPO may result in the addition of conservation practices or eligible activities needed to enhance, maintain, manage, repair, replace or otherwise to protect the functions and values of the easement or 30-year contract area.

(d) As required by the terms of the easement deed as described in § 1468.37(a)(2)(ii) or 30-year contract as described in § 1468.37(b)(2)(ii), NRCS may, in its sole discretion, authorize the landowner to conduct compatible uses as defined in this part on the easement or contract area. Compatible use authorizations are time-limited and may be modified or rescinded at any time by NRCS. In evaluating and authorizing compatible uses of the easement or contract area, NRCS will -

(1) Consider whether the authorized use will facilitate the practical administration and management of the land subject to the easement or contract; and

(2) Ensure that the authorized use furthers the functions and values for which the easement or 30-year contract was enrolled.