Title 7

SECTION 1468.35

1468.35 Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnerships.

§ 1468.35 Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnerships.

(a) The purpose of the Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnership (WREP) option is to target and leverage resources to address high priority wetland protection, restoration, and enhancement objectives through agreements with States (including a political subdivision or agency of a State), nongovernmental organizations, or Indian Tribes.

(b) NRCS will establish priorities for funding, required level of partner contribution of resources, ranking criteria, and other criteria. NRCS will prioritize proposals that address wetland restoration needs of national or regional importance, including special project or area-wide proposals.

(c) NRCS will make the information regarding WREP available to the public and potential partners.

(d) NRCS will evaluate proposals and make final funding selections based upon the priorities identified in the public notice of funding availability.

(e) NRCS will enter into WREP agreements with partners who have projects selected for funding.