Title 7

SECTION 1468.31

1468.31 Application procedures.

§ 1468.31 Application procedures.

(a) Application for participation. To apply for enrollment, a landowner must submit an application to NRCS.

(b) Preliminary agency action. By filing an application, the landowner consents to an NRCS representative entering upon the land for purposes of assessing the wetland functions and values and for other activities, such as the ranking and development of the preliminary WRPO, that are necessary or desirable for NRCS to evaluate applications. The landowner is entitled to accompany an NRCS representative on any site visits.

(c) Voluntary reduction in costs. In order to enhance the probability of enrollment in ACEP-WRE, the landowner or someone other than the landowner may offer to contribute financially to the cost of the acquisition or restoration of the wetland reserve easement to leverage Federal funds. This offer must be made in writing to NRCS.